Enjoy Poverty

Enjoy Poverty, partecipatory practice in Africa is an essay that describes the ways in which art can operate in a poor country through the experience of a Dutch artist who has decided to resist the western exploitation by producing a film that bares the dynamics of this brutal mechanism. Artists can operate across multiple languages ​​in different places, targeting an audience rather than another, but what makes it art is often a self–definition or the context in which the work is located. Uncertainty of his nature, Episode III has undergone much criticism and discussions about how it can be considered art or popular documentarism. This shade creates the opportunity for a reflection on the method and ethics in which the design disciplines operate today, the design for society and the participatory practice. These are often areas which are structured on economic systems or trend that limit the possibilities, but there are many cases, including the one mentioned, in which the areas embodies the opportunity to generate the possibilities for a valid project that is extremely innovative for the language and the topic chosen.