Y2038 is a computer bug that generates calculation errors for softwares starting from January 2038, when all the information will no longer be interpretable. This magazine evolves with the language of the web, and is going to save it when it will be no longer available. Pictures and all the material used in the magazine respond to the practice of the fair use, in order to be a critical and historical report of our society. It’s composed of several sections that may be purchased and assembled by the user that can freely select the content from the web site, becoming itself the author of his own product. The sections are divided into five typologies which reflect specific graphic devices (1+1, SHS, GIF, AVI, XML) with the aim of producing a satirical and often politically uncorrect meaning regarding the contents that are daily uploaded online. The magazine is printed on demand on different colored paper for each issue in order to allow user to buy their own product by mixing various issues and making a colorful volume. The first four numbers of Y2038 are religion, aesthetics, politics and illegality.