Unseen Venice

Discovering the beauty of a new, hidden and contemporary Venice

Unseen Venice offers a new take on an old city, focusing on those buildings that disrupt the city’s reputation for romantic, melancholic and hopelessly picturesque architecture. This photograph reportage assumes the perspective of a new tourist who explores, analytically, almost scientifically, the hidden worlds of the buildings that live alongside the more renowned architectural sites. The reading of this leporello can be compared to the reading of a pentagram. The windows that populate the facade of new buildings are arranged like quadrangles along a strip of paper that changes the size of the book as it unfolds. The book erases that which visitors normally see in Venice: bridges, alleyways, piazzas, and water canals. The new island is made of flat facades, rectangles, windows, rolling shutters–all those shapes and images that are so often forgotten or ignored.