Unseen Venice

Scoprire la bellezza di una Venezia nuova, nascosta e contemporanea

Unseen Venice is a project that explores the new shapes of an old city which has never been told under new points of view. This work is the result of a research managed within the island of Venice to find those buildings that affect the romantic, melancholic and hopelessly picturesque vision of the Venetian architecture. What about the island made of modern buildings and public housings? Sometimes, is an invisible place which doesn’t capture the walker’s eyes or marry the the city, but is present, still, and sometimes surrounded by secular houses and monuments. This photograph reportage assumes the look of a new tourist, who explores analytically, almost scientifically, a hidden world. The reading of this leporello can be compared to the pentagram one. The windows that populate the facade of new buildings are arranged like quadrangles along the strip of paper changing color, size and distance. That Venice made of bridges, tight ways, squares and water, there is nothing left anymore. The new island is made of flat facades, rectangles, windows, rolling shutters and all those shapes that the web and the books never tell about.