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Poster, Data Viz
Poster, Data Viz, 2017

This poster entitled Sea Routes aims to increase the awareness about migrants sea routes: we can see migrants crossing the land or being rescued in the waters, but we’re always missing the journey in between, where there’s nothing left but sea depths. The hidden typography represents this gap through a map of the three most affected islands of Greece: Lesvos, Chios and Samos. Maperitive and OpenStreetMap were used as editors to get a vector map with geospatial data while Illustrator was used to design it. Sea depths and lighthouse locations are taken from the Navionics nautical charts. The data concerning migrants was taken from the website of the International Organization for Migration. This poster has been selected for the Graphic Design Festival Scotland exhibition at the National Centre for Design and Architecture, a showcase and celebration of contemporary poster design from around the world.