Expanding Spatial Narratives.
Museums, Exhibitions and Digital Culture

A pocket book on museums in the post-digital era

This publication investigates the evolution of museums in the post-digital era, through a series of multidisciplinary contributions spanning the fields of architecture, design and media theory. The volume is the result of a series of talks that took place during spring 2021 at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. The book is divided into three sections exploring the convergence of spatiality and mediality in the contemporary museum, the emergence of the phenomenon of digital exhibitions, and a focus on the technologies supporting the dialogue between visitors and cultural institutions. A collection of essays and images by selected scholars and practitioners, it is printed entirely in black with a silver foil finish on the cover. Published by Mousse Publishing.

Published by Mousse Publishing
Design: Lorenzo Toso, Giulia Cordin
Foto di Alfio Sambataro