Landscape with(out) Locus

A cascade of insights on the concept of landscape

Landscape with(out) Locus interprets landscape as an ever-changing social, economic, and ecological construct. Addressing questions of power, identity, and natural resources, the publication follows histories of surveillance and colonialism, considering photographic (and post-photographic) images as central to the process of interacting with the world. The book assembles a selection of texts by scholars and artists. It addresses topics such as scopic regimes and shaped geographies. The texts are counterposed with images drawn from wide-ranging contexts, from historical and contemporary art to documentary photography, photo reportage, and AI-generated imagery. Taken together, the contributors offer deep insights into extant and nascent visual conceptualizations of landscape, suggesting that they have always been political and are now more urgent than ever. Swiss binding, printed with a fluorescent orange Pantone cover.

Published by NERO
Design: Lorenzo Toso, Giulia Cordin
Photo by Alfio Sambataro